Job Description

Avionics for Line and Base Maintenance

Job Responsibilities

Maintenance and servicing of avionics systems on wide body A319/320, A330, A350, B737/ B777/ B747/ B787.

Carry out avionics component changes.

Assist engineers in trouble-shooting and rectification of avionics faults on aircraft.

Assist in installing and servicing avionics communications equipment.

Ensure that newly installed systems and those that have been repaired meet requirements mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration and specifications set by aircraft manufacturers.

Participate in designing, purchasing, testing and calibrating avionic systems such as computer and electronic communication panels.

Inspection and testing of complex electrical and computer systems that allow aircraft to function effectively.

Oversee airplane's radar system, radio communications equipment and the flight controls.

Ensure aircraft systems are functioning properly.

Removal, assemble and install electrical components, and keep detailed written records of repair work performed on aircraft. (E.g. Main Battery, Emergency Battery, Starter Generator, ACW Generator, GCU, BPCU, etc.)

Removal, installation and functional testing of engine electronic controls (EECs).

Performs components changes, tests, and adjustments on aircraft electrical avionics systems consistent with the quality standards.

Job Requirements

Minimum Diploma in engineering, preferably in Aerospace or a bachelor’s degree in a recognised institution

At least 3 years of working experience as an avionics technician in the aviation industry, excluding OJT, position as a helper mechanic or junior mechanic

Excellent analytical, interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills

Mechanically and electrically trained on Avionics systems

Possess a valid Aircraft Mechanic License (as proof of vocation)

Company Overview

Aviation Company

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